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Are We Really in the 2020s? Not According to the Data

The pandemic triggered an enormous leap in digital transformation—as much as a decade in some regions.

The calendar may say 2021, but your business is contending with an acceleration in digital transformation that has reset the clock to 2024, 2025, even 2031 in some regions.

Why? The great Work From Home experiment, brought on by COVID-19, which forced companies across the globe to digitize their products and interactions almost overnight. Digital transformation progress that was expected to take years happened in one.

That means leaders need to take a fresh look at their business models, customer experience organizations, supply chains, and tech investments to ensure they have adjusted to capitalize on the new landscape. Companies that fail to leverage the leap are in danger of falling behind.

What year is it, really?

That depends on where your business operates. In terms of products in North America, it’s 2027. In Europe, 2028. But in Asia-Pacific, it’s a mind-blowing 2031. As for interactions, most regions have jumped to 2024. Here again, Asia-Pacific has made the biggest leap, to 2025.

Watch more stories unfold in Fast-forward, an interactive data visualization illustrating the acceleration in digital transformation triggered by the pandemic. Learn about the shift to smart buildings, the mass adoption of digital workflow, and the global redesign of cities, as well as the opportunity for leaders to leverage the leap for their businesses.